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Instructions for Organizers

Detailed organizer instruction pack coming soon!

Meanwhile, e-mail

We will help you get started and make it easy to host an online event with FeisFWD. You are guaranteed to have a profitable event by using our system. 


- We show you how to set up an event seamlessly

- Reminders about things to consider and planning checklists

-- Online syllabus creation tools - no more messing around!

- Online self-service tools and analytics

- We can show you how to set up charity discounted services

- We provide adjudicator contract management and online delivery of documents.

- Free budgeting and awards calculators

- Communication tools for organizers

In the meantime, just send us a draft syllabus or a list of desired events and we will help you at every step of the way. HAPPY DANCING!

Parents, unless you also danced, we get that you don't always know which dance is which! It's important to load each dance in the right box.
The good news is that your dancers and their teachers can usually help you to keep it sorted!
Ask for help and don't be a hero!
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