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Who made this?

The service is now managed under the direction of Sean O'Brien, FeisApp co-creator and Irish Dance musician. Barbara Blakey O'Brien ADCRG is one of the architects and consults on new feature development with a view to serviing teachers, families and organizers, as a person who has run successful feiseanna for many years. Nick Germaine continues to lead a team of developers for continued growth and the addition of new features. 

Based on demand in the industry, Nick built the Cadillac of online feis management. He consulted with and was advised by members of Irish Dance organizations, feis organizers, adjudicators, musicians, teachers, and dancers. This was made just for you!

We hope you enjoy it and promise lots of new features as we grow and evolve!

About Nick - the developer of FeisFWD:


Nick is a father of two girls, who resides in Nova Scotia. 

He is a Canadian software designer. He has been serving other Irish Dance businesses as a developer creating smart tools for Irish Dancers.


Nick is very accomplished and has over a million students on Udemy: To: He’s been developing software since 2012, and has close to 1 million students on udemy (as of January 2021)


Through detailed consultation with experienced dance teachers, committee volunteers, and event organizers, Nick has put together a bespoke product. This software is currently being tested through a pilot event, and he is committed to continuing to evolve and improve the product.


He has been guided in consultation with senior members of the dance community who were seeking a better, safer and more affordable product. And he wants to hear from you, your school, your organization about what you want to see in the software.


The irony, Nick claims, is that he can’t dance. He is a neutral operator who is held to the highest standard of professionalism in all his work.

Safety + Security & Child protection

SAFETY SECURITY AND CHILD PROTECTION are our number one priorities. If you have any questions at all about the technology and safeguards we have in place, please reach out and ask.

There are links to our Privacy Policy and Terms at the bottom of this page. The policies are aligned with industry standards, created by a lawyer specialized in privacy and IP law. 

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