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Instructions: for Adjudicators, Judging an Online Feis 


The event you are hired to adjudicate will appear in your dashboard. If for some reason you don't see them, log out and back in again or refresh your screen.

ADJUDICATORS: your assigned competitions will

appear inside the event > >

Judging a competition


When you click on a solo competition, first you will see this summary screen showing the progress for this particular competition. (Grade competition shown - champ competitions will show progress for all three rounds)

Click on the first video thumbnail on the list to go "to your stage" and judge the competition. 


This is where you judge the competition: the score goes in the top right corner.

Tick boxes on the left for "good job" or on the right for "needs work".

There are different tick boxes in soft shoe and hard shoe competitions.

Championships will have three rounds and you will be able to add a score and separate comments for each round and see the dancer's ranking and status at all times.

You can return to the summary screen at any time by hitting "save and go back". If you leave this page, you can resume on your return. Make sure you hit "Save" each time you enter a dancer's score and/or comments.


As you score each dancer, a little red indicator will appear showing you the current ranking of the dancer. If you hover over that video thumbnail you can also view the mark, comments and ranking.

Only the videos you have scored will show the red ranking and this will update as you score each video.

If you have made any mistakes or need to review, you can click back into the video and marking page for that dancer.


To view this screen at any time and assess your progress in the competition, just finish the dancer's video and click on "SAVE AND BACK" at the bottom of the screen. 

That will bring you to this summary page again.

If you are 100% finished, you can click on "Finalize & Submit" - this is your final sign-off for the competition.


After you click through on this, the competition is locked and you cannot re-enter the judging page. 

Then you can continue on to the next competition!

Screen Shot 2021-02-04 at 3.42.31 PM.png
Screen Shot 2021-02-04 at 3.53.50 PM.png


If a dancer has uploaded their video in the wrong round or the wrong competition, Nick the IT guy can move the video to the correct competition. If there is a glitch in the video or you need help in the system, choose "other".

Please submit your query, pause judging on that competition, and move onto another in the meantime. Nick or the organizers will contact you to resolve the issue.

Tips and tricks:


The judging screen is best viewed on a desktop, and you can adjust the zoom of your screen in your computer or browser settings to view a larger or smaller area.


Please try to only watch each video once, unless you have an internet glitch or interruption.

If you can touch-type, you might do comments while watching the video to save time. 

There are "tick boxes" at the right to indicate general feedback (either "well done" or "needs work".

All comments and tick box details will be given to the dancer.

Please consider leaning toward positivity and encouragement in your comments. The organizers created these events to help dancers through this time, to receive feedback, to improve and be motivated to stay in Irish Dancing. Most dancers have not competed or performed for almost a year and they may be a bit sensitive re-entering the "ring".  Constructive comments and observations are appreciated as well as a kind word!

Check your spelling and info as there are no spell-check functions and the organizers and developers do not view or vet comments - they will appear exactly as you type them.

Please do a full competition in one sitting without interruption.

When done with all videos you will have an opportunity to "check and sign off" on the summary page. No more edits or changes are allowed after submitted, the competition is locked after you review and submit.



Questions about the regional rules or syllabus:

contact will be specified within the event portal 

User Support, Sean O'Brien

or call Sean at +1403-629-0668

For technical difficulties or questions about the software, contact Nick Germaine

or call him at +1-902-690-5590

Feedback & improvements



If it's your first time judging with FeisFWD you will receive a link to set up your account and log in.


No events will appear until the start date/time.



The feis organizer and FeisFWD team will ensure you are each assigned an even number of events to adjudicate.

This varies for each feis.



When the feis opens for adjudication, you will receive an email and you can log in to see your assigned competitions.

Contact us if you have any problems or questions!



After all competitions are completed, tabulation and results will be processed and announced to the dancers. Judges and organizers will receive a full detailed copy of all results after the feis.

THIS IS A NEW PARADIGM FOR IRISH DANCING. We understand that dancers, teachers, organizers, judges and software providers are adapting to the new way of feising during this interruption. Everyone involved is here for the dancers and to preserve and promote Irish Dancing.

If you see ways we can improve this software, or if you would like to request a feature, we want to hear from you. Please send us your ideas and requests (or complaints) and we will do all that is possible to implement better features and services as we go. 

General e-mail:

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