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Filming Angles & Lighting Tips for Online Feiseanna

Parents, unless you also danced, we get that you don't always know which dance is which! It's important to load each dance in the right box.
The good news is that your dancers and their teachers can usually help you to keep it sorted!
Ask for help and don't be a hero!

For this feis, you must film the dancer

in LANDSCAPE (horizontal) orientation.


Vertical videos may be allowed for 

future feiseanna, we are developing this option!


The dancer must be visible on screen head to toe for the entire dance.

Back up or mark the floor so they know where to go and stay in the shot. 


Perhaps try a practice run before you video the full dances!

You may pan/follow dancers but must "plant your feet" while filming (ie sitting in one place and turn the camera to follow the dancer, do not walk around folllowing them.)

Filming dancers


Tips and tricks:

Put phone on a tripod or propped up on a small table that won’t shake when the dancer

comes closer to the camera.


OR, even better –sit on the floor or a low seat, plant your feet on the floor, and rest your elbows on your knees to stabilize the camera.

Do NOT tilt your phone up or down even slightly as it will distort the angle. See examples by clicking here.

Try to minimize vibrations, shaking or any distracting movements of the camera.

great videos-300px.png



Dancers MUST be filmed with a smartphone. We recommend filming in HD rather than 4K. No video cameras, DSLRs, DJI mimos or GoPros should be used.

ZERO editing of any kind permitted other than trimming the video to the start/end point. Dancer must wear their dancer number at all times.

No talking, coaching or other people in the shot while filming.

No school logos on the wall or clutter in the space please!


You must create a separate video file for each dance (one per competition for grades, 3 for champs, 1 each for specials and trophies.)

You can trim the video at the start of the 8-bar intro for solos and champs, and 4 bars before the starting bar of Champ set dances.


• The duration of dances will be as per your event syllabus

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